About Aim High HVAC

Aim High HVAC is helmed by Tim Evans, a 30 year HVAC veteran with a strong belief in serving others. Following being honorably discharged after serving 8 years in the US Air Force, Evans established his own company, which he successfully ran for two decades.

In 2012 he moved to Denver to support his family, and in December 2014 he sold his longstanding California company to a close associate. Tim took a year off, volunteering extensively with Denver Habitat for Humanity, reaffirming his passion to serve the community. This passion was pivotal in forming Aim High HVAC, continuing his commitment to service.

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We’re 100% dedicated to our existing homeowners. This is why you are always our #1 priority when it comes to providing professional heating and cooling services.

Aim High HVAC Core Values


Honest – Moral – Incorruptible
This is truly one thing that can not be faked. A dishonest, unmoral, corrupt person will eventually be exposed.


Family – Friend – Company – Team – Customer
A devoted person is a special asset to everyone around them. Aim High HVAC values devotion above all.


Standards second to none – Pride of service, installation and training
This is a mandatory requirement to be a true Aim High HVAC Team Member. This gives us all a common purpose.

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