Tim Evans and Glen Sieck first met in 1985 at George Air Force Base.  Their military technical careers both started in Denver, Colorado in 1983 (the old Lowery Base). Tim and Glen served  at George AFB, CA, this is where they met and formed a life-long friendship that included working together and developing a true family friendship that has lasted 30 years.


Tim Evans, Founder

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Tim brings his expertise and quality of service to Aim High HVAC. 

Glen Sieck, Founder

Glen brings his 30 years

of experience to manage

the day to day operations at Aim High HVAC to bring you the best service.


Tim Evans served 8 years in the United States Air Force where he served a tour of duty in Desert Storm with the 37th Tactical Fighter Wing. Tim believes his military service is where he formed his strong belief in serving others, this is why he feels he has selected the perfect field to spend the last 30 years in HVAC. After being honorably discharged from the Air Force, Tim went to work in his hometown in Northern California working in the HVAC trade. After qualifying to become a contractor, in 1995, Tim formed his own company (Evans Mechanical). Tim owned Evans Mechanical for 20 years.


Tim has been married to his wife, Tammi, for 31 years and together they raised their daughter, Trystn, who in 2012 moved to Denver to start a nursing career. This is what brought our family to Colorado. Tim always loved his time in Colorado and in December 2014, sold his company in California to a young man that had worked side-by-side with Tim for 14 years. After taking a year off and volunteering hundreds of hours building homes with Denver Habitat for Humanity Tim discovered he still had the drive and passion to serve his community in business. This is what formed Aim High HVAC and brought Glen and Tim back together with their shared passion in service, family, and friendship.


Glen Sieck served 6 years in the United States Air Force where he received many accolades from Airman of the Month & NCO of the Quarter. Glen was also selected to be a part of an elite training group of the 37th Tactical Fighter Wing. After being honorably discharged, Glen moved his family back to his hometown of Grinnell, Iowa. Glen and his wife, Pam, have been married for 32 years and together have raised two children, Gregory & Jessica. Glen went to work as a maintenance technician at Mayflower Homes Inc. This is where Glen was first able to hone his skills in all aspects of the trades, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and general construction. Glen was quickly promoted to supervisor of facilities management.

Glen was offered a position in a regional hospital where he served as a maintenance/service technician, and became licensed as a first class stationary engineer. While serving in the hospital indoor air quality was a huge issue. Glen was able to attend many indoor air quality courses and implemented them within the facility. Glen was once again promoted to management as Assistant Director of Facilities Manager. In years following, Glen took a position in his family's business, S&S Electric. Glen's father started S&S in 1967.  Glen worked with his father  through his school years. When Glen had the opportunity to work in the family business again he jumped on it. Glen has always been recognized as a leader in every position he has held, this comes from his roots, watching his father create and run an outstanding business, and his military background. The one thing missing in Glen's career was owning his own business. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! AIM HIGH!

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