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Coronavirus (COVID-19) information

Dear Valued Aim High HVAC Customer,

I’m sure you all have been inundated with emails about the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We are all unsure, looking for answers, and hoping for the best possible outcome. We also know that conditions can rapidly change and all we can do is react and respond on a daily basis.


We, as a company, will give our best effort in keeping the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) to a minimum. For the safety of our customers, team members, and families, we have made the decision to move all non emergency installs and service appointments. This will be effective 3/23/2020 - 4/6/2020. Our hope is to be able to start tentatively scheduling two weeks out from today. We will be working with you to get appointments scheduled or rescheduled for after our two week voluntary shut down.


We value our team members and believe they are the life blood of Aim High. We will be doing the best we can as a small company to provide them with the piece of mind to provide for their families. We have asked all our team members to self quarantine for the next 2 weeks. We also understand this is a fluid situation and may have to update this timeline. Aim High will pay our team members their full pay and benefits during this voluntary two week quarantine. As I’m composing this letter I’m watching the snow come down, and it’s cold. I guess the silver lining is spring is in the horizon and we can expect mild weather. I have asked for 2 team members to volunteer to provide emergency service calls for our customers that are in need of emergency service, Chris and David have graciously volunteered. They will be compensated at double their normal pay. In these trying times, we will waive all overtime charges.


What will we consider an emergency call?

1. No heat for our senior community.

2. No heat for our vulnerable health clients and families with small children.

3. No hot water. We understand hot water will be vital for sanitation reasons. We have taken measures to over stock water heaters to meet this demand if needed.


We also feel we need to set safety procedures to best protect your family and our team members during emergency service and installs.

1. We will only send team members who we believe to be 100% healthy.

2. We ask you disclose any known health issues that may effect our team member’s personal health and safety.

3. We will provide (while available) mask, gloves, disposable shoe covers, hand sanitizer, and sanitizing wipes.

4. We ask our team members to keep a recommend 6 feet personal distance, refrain from shaking hands, no signing of invoices, and receive payment from emailed invoice. We also recommend you open and close all doors and turn on lights as necessary. We will sanitize anything we touch if we believe you will have to touch after we do.

5. We will try to adhere to any requests you have if possible. We are not health experts and will do the best to educate ourselves and update procedures as needed to keep everyone as safe as possible.


How to schedule your emergency or tentatively schedule future service and installs. Call or text 303-618-5722. Thank you for your understanding in this global time of crisis! Together we will prevail against Coronavirus (COVID-19)!


We value and appreciate all of our customers. Our commitment is to do our best to serve you in this time of crisis and in the future.


With our sincerest best wishes,

Glen & Tim

Aim High HVAC



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