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Why pursue a HVAC career?

Why Aim High HVAC?

When I finished my eight years in the United States Air Force in 1991 I flat out got lucky. I happened to be looking for temporary work until a job opened up at a major airline as an aircraft electrician. A friend gave me an address to go talk to a guy that owned a refrigeration company and may be looking for help. He hired me on the spot for way less money then I could support my family on and no benefits. This is something that has never changed. HVAC and all trades are always searching for help, preferably with experience. The airline job did open up. The problem was I fell in love with service work. I had just spent 8 years of my life serving and this new career just felt comfortable to me. I had great training in advanced electrical and knew nothing about refrigeration. I was so lucky to work for a company that was a serious service provider and I learned to be a real technician. The problem they had was they really had no training procedures, paid very poorly, and were never going to provide benefits. This was a major problem for me because I had a young family to provide a living and a future for. I stuck with them until I was able to get my license and start a business of my own.


I’m proud to say that when I started my own company and started to grow, I immediately provided a fair wage and employee benefits. The sad thing to me, in the HVAC world, many companies don’t give the same opportunity now to train true trades people. The focus is mainly in sales and sales compensation to lure people into the trades. Just read the help wanted, it’s mostly sales compensation focused. I’ve actually had service people with experience interview and ask what their cut is. The simple answer is, we don’t rob people. We serve our customers, pay fair, and provide awesome benefits. And, we have a great team to work with.

"Great place to work!!! Great team all around." – Tyson Cohen

After 30 years of doing this as an install, maintenance, and service business, I understand how to train and provide a career opportunity to someone looking to become successful in the HVAC world. I will never have a company that pushes my technician to just sell products or equipment. I want like minded people that want to serve and provide for a great future in the trades. This has made Aim High a successful and growing company.


We are ready for a new crop of integrity based people that want to thrive in a career they know or someone looking for a new opportunity. We have immediate need for office staff, 2 installation team members, and a service/maintenance technician. If you have experience and are looking for a change or if you have no experience and want an opportunity, please apply. Starting pay 45K-50K with no experience, 60k with mid level experience, 80k+ with senior level experience.


Aim High benefits:

  • weekly pay

  • hourly & overtime pay

  • family back time 10% of overtime worked

  • vacation and paid holidays-continuing education

  • 100% of medical, dental, and vision insurance coverage for team member and their family

  • retirement plan

  • tools

  • uniforms

  • company vehicle for service technicians and lead install team members


If you are a parent, grandparent, spouse, uncle or aunt, brother, sister, or friend reading this and know someone that is looking for a new opportunity, please pass on our information. Call 303-618-5722 today to set up an interview. 

Tim Evans,
President Aim High HVAC 

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